Monday, February 1, 2016

Tracking Student Data

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Why should students track their progress?

This school year I made student data binders for the first time! On the binder spine, I labeled them with numbers (i.e. Student #1, #2, #3 etc.) that way I don't have to change the names EVERY YEAR thereafter. I also created a Table of Contents page that helps the students stay organized under each divider tab. For each tab, I have created a student tracking sheet. This allows students to write their test score and then create a bar graph for each assessment/assignment. I made one of these tracking sheets for each subject that I teach. It is a "work in progress" because I have it labeled with "Test 1" (the name of the test) not the Standards/Learning Goals per quarter.

On graphing day, students will receive their graded tests back to see their scores. They will be able to file the assessment under the correct tab and then create a bar graph on their tracking sheet. At the end of each quarter, they will have a binder full of tests, quizzes, and other assessments used throughout the year per subject. That way they don't have to keep them in a disorganized pile of doom inside their desks or other sloppy filing system that takes up counter space! The binders seem to be working pretty well for my class so far. 

In my experience so far, the binders were great for student led conferences, parent conferences, IEP meetings, PLC meetings, and other data progression discussions. It's very simple to quickly grab the student binder I need since it has ALL the test scores for every subject! 

Pictures: I will be posting pictures of how I am using data binders and tracking sheets soon!