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It is important to establish classroom guidelines with your students. That way your class will know what's expected of them! 

Here are some ideas for your classroom that worked for me:
  • Well kept teacher work space (copy, grade, file organizer)
  • Data binder for your entire class
  • Substitute binder for when you're absent
  • Behavior management system: Class Dojo and attention getters like ringing a bell or saying "Hocus Pocus", they say "Everybody Focus"
  • Kagan grouping and team mats for the student desks for shoulder and face partner
  • Organized paper filing per student and turn in tray
  • "I'm done" activities for early finishers so they know NOT to come up to you
  • Labeled supply bins for all classroom materials so they don't have a messy desk
  • Neat display of student work on the bulletin board
  • Hand signals for asking questions without talking 1 finger-bathroom, 2 fingers, drink/tissue, 3 fingers materials
These are a few of my favorite things!

My Meet the teacher letter.

Here is a video of my classroom set up from the 2014-15 school year. This is my fourth grade classroom.

Teach students these hand signals so they can silent'y ask you questions!

File organizer. Lots of free resources on TPT!

Supply bins. Lots of free labels on TPT!

2013-14 School Year

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