Sunday, April 3, 2016

#Wise Words Quote of the Week

Feeling inspired by another creative soul, like myself, Miss 5th. She has a neat Keep the Quote idea but I have modified it to fit my classroom. So I am doing a weekly quote: #Wise Words!

Passion For Teaching on Twitter
This year my school is really trying to get teachers and parents involved in TWITTER. Posting pictures, videos, ideas etc. of what is going on in the classroom. I want to post pictures each week of my wise words! It will be a quote written by someone and then the students hand in to me. I will choose 1 quote to write out and for 5 days (Monday - Friday) they get to see who is demonstrating those wise words. We choose together who will get to keep the quote, while I post on twitter! Each week I will choose a quote from the students and write it. This process will repeat so it builds a positive classroom community, self-confidence, and a special bond between the students. My hope is to keep them motivated and inspired to learn each day!

How I use #WISE WORDS in the classroom!

  1. Tell your students to think of (or look up at home) a QUOTE that means something to them or gives a positive, motivating message.
  2. Have them write it down on a slip of paper and place it in a quote jar, basket, etc... this way you have all the quotes you need for a few months. They can always put in more than one quote if they find a couple they love!
  3. You (the teacher) will then select a quote to write in fancy lettering. Tell them that the student who exemplifies the quote or shows the quote the most during the week can keep the quote. They can actually get to take it home with pride.
  4. Here's the part that can be time consuming; once you pick the quote, you have to actually WRITE or DRAW IT! Since I love different handwriting ideas and drawing, I will add my own artistic touches instead of just writing it in the handwriting the students see every day. This really excites them!
  5. You could choose their quote on Friday's for the next week. So you have to write the quote on a piece of chart paper and then it's ready for the week ahead. Then on Friday, at the end of the week, the class votes on who is demonstrating those wise words! That student will take the quote.
  6. You can do this so each student gets the opportunity to demonstrate the wise words. That way, every student can "keep the quote" and feel good about themselves!
See Miss 5th's Instagram for how she does this. I was inspired by her keep the quote idea but changed it for my class to integrate the #hashtag for my school's Twitter kick and the name Wise Words because my classroom theme is OWLS! Get it, "wise" words! :)

Since it is something brand new for my class, I will be choosing the first quote. That way, when the students arrive on Monday, the quote will be hanging up for them to see. Then I can introduce it by explaining how they get to keep the quote at the end of the week. I will also say why I chose that quote, so it means something to them. But the whole point is for the students to take ownership on what quotes are meaningful and touches their hearts. I can't wait to post more pictures once I set this up I my classroom!

Here is the first quote I'm doing, "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." By: Kid President 


Remember to check out my Instagram and Twitter pages to see how I use Wise Words in my classroom! Hope you feel inspired to build your classroom community!

*Please link back and post pictures of your #WiseWords to let me know how it goes for you!