Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Drum roll please...We made it to December!

Alert: Teachers... your students desperately need you! 

Usually towards the final weeks of Q2, you start to see some changes in your students. They have been listening and have made some steps closer to their end goal! Either it's the "Yes, they've finally got it! The light bulb has gone off! " or the "Oh dear, what is happening? How do they not remember this! We've done this so many times before! "... Regardless, WE need to keep moving forward. And, more importantly, help our students to recognize they can keep moving forward. Through any obstacle or challenge you might face, always be there for your students. I know we always say we can do this but do we already remember to keep them motivated or celebrate their successes? It happens. We can't possibly do it all. But pick something to focus on each day that can support celebrating success. Your students may have made some teensy bit of progress in a subject area and need some encouragement. Or possibly they have finally finished an assignment in class on time. Or have remembered to write on the correct side of the paper or put their name on their homework without a reminder. Cheer for them! Praise them! Give them your support! Recognize what they've accomplished, even it is something so small that it can oftentimes go unnoticed. Always try to find a few moments in your day to recognize student achievement, and I know it is packed full! It's important and you will find this helps your connection with those students. 

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