Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Organize Your Students' SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

I know I'm not the only one who loves getting school supplies EVERY year. Here is a great way that I organize my notebooks and folders -> Each SUBJECT has it's own COLOR! 
Red - Reading
Yellow - Writing
Green - Science
Blue - Social Studies
Purple - Math (spiral)
*Black- Vocabulary, Reader's Response, and Centers (composition). I have also used just plain black composition notebooks for all of the subjects and then had students glue on a COVER.

I also use the matching colored folders to accompany the subjects. The only color missing, if you noticed, was orange. I use ORANGE folders as a homework folder. This is where they keep their weekly math hw packet, spelling menu and list, and a reading log. Sometimes I do have extra black and white composition notebooks and I have my students keep one in their orange Homework Folder as a spelling journal. This way they always have extra paper to practice their words and can use even it if they need more space to solve math problems. I have used this system and it really helps keeps the students organized. 

If they buy spiral notebooks in the different colors instead, it can still work! Even if they buy only the black composition notebooks, I have them glue a cover on the front and label the bottom pages so they can easily select the proper notebook and/or folder. 

Where do you buy these?
I found these colorful composition notebooks at target for 50 cents a piece. I know Staples or Office Max will also have back to school sales with notebooks and folders for super cheap! Another great way to get supplies is to ask your office manager to see if their is left over money in your grade level budget or any extra supplies around the school. I would also make sure the parents have the supply list on Meet the Teacher night and let them know your expectations. 

Each Subject:
  • Reading: 1 RED folder for reading handouts and centers, 1 Reading Interactive Notebook, 1 Reading Response Notebook, 1 Vocabulary Notebook, and sometimes even 1 Center Notebook. = 1 Red folder and 3-4 composition notebooks that can be red or just a plain composition with a cover.
  • Writing: 1 YELLOW folder for handouts and lined paper, and 1 Writing notebook that can be yellow or just a plain composition with a cover.
  • Science: 1 GREEN folder for handouts, and 1 Science Interactive notebook that can be green or just a plain composition with a cover.
  • Social Studies: 1 BLUE folder for handouts. *I don't usually use a notebook for social studies because in 4th grade they use a consumable workbook to write in.
  • Math: 1 PURPLE folder for handouts, and 1 Math notebook that can be purple or just a plain composition with a cover.
Group Table Bins:
I like to have a GROUP BIN for each group of students. I also use a three-drawer organizer for when I have my second block of science or math come into my room. At my school I departmentalize and so their is a double block of science or math depending on what you will teach.

Divided 3-Compartment Plastic Caddies                                            3 Drawer Cart                                   
Found at Target or Walmart
Found at the Dollar Tree

I use the colorful caddies for group supplies: colored pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, markers, etc. And the cart for text books or workbooks from the second class. This helps keep supplies out of the individual student desks and off the counters while allowing everyone to use what they need. I like this because I have two classes for science and we are always using supplies. This way they don't take anything out of someone else's desk and the bins stay organized.

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