Tuesday, November 10, 2015


PRIORITY: a thing that is regarded as more important 

than another.

For teachers:

It is important that we remember to set reachable goals. Don't try to accomplish everything all at once. It's not going to happen and it's going to stress you out. I'm guilty of this. 

Pick something, anything, that you want to get "DONE" and make that your priority for the day. Either grading a stack of papers, finishing next week's lesson plans, putting in copies, etc. 

For me, I try to do "too much" all the time and it sometimes hits me worse than other times. It's a reminder that I'm not superwoman. I have to set attainable goals that I can actually accomplish each day. I try to work ahead or stay late and get things done. It is not worth the stress and extra energy. Just do the best you can that day and move on. There is no need to worry about small things that don't have to be done. Decide what NEEDS TO BE DONE and do it. The rest can wait...write it on a sticky (on make a giant list on a sticky note) and prioritize!!! 

This Week:
  1. Homework Club (Rewarding students who actually consistently do their HW)
  2. Positive Referrals (Don't forget those good kids)
  3. Parent Conferences (Now let's not forget to remind the parents they need to do their job too)
  4. As always, keep things organized. Don't leave things untouched in a pile. File it, save it for later, do what you need to do. Just keep things where they belong and add it to the "TO DO list"

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