Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mid Year, Made It!

It's not the beginning anymore but it's certainly not the end either. There is only one week left before winter break!!!! Here are four things that are on my mind:

1. That means after I survive this last week, with the ERD days, a field trip, McDonald's night, parent conferences, and let's not forget crazy children, I have 2 weeks off. Should I go through and organize my classroom before it's left untouched in it's current state?

2. Report cards are due right after the break...should I start them next week or wait until the break? Not that doing work on my personal break is fair either. I want to think smart but not overachieve. 

3. We still have things to cover in class that requires their full attention. Incentives need to be offered each day so they continue wanting to learn before they turn their brains off for 2 weeks!

4. I know I have "some" parents that are going to want their students to continue to practice their skills over the break. I need to start getting things together so I can make a winter break learning packet.

Phew! I'm sure there are more things that will pop into my mind before then... but for now, these are my top 4 thoughts and priorities.

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