Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of the YEAR --> 2014-2015

Teachers can feel that sigh of relief when:

1. Your students are ready to move on to the next grade level
2. Your classroom is all "cleaned" and packed up
3. You complete all the things on your checklist
4. And, you can finally take a moment to realize all your hard work, stress, and passion has made a difference and now you can finally relax. Well, until you start professional development by starting gifted classes next week.

I have enjoyed the past two years at SLE (Shadowlawn Seahawks)! I feel like with my first two years in the bag, I can now focus on what I want to improve for next year. I also have a million resources that I may need to start going through to make room for the "NEW"... Hopefully I will continue to stay organized. Honestly, I'm glad that I HAVE TO have everything in a particular way (might be a little OCD) because if I didn't keep things together, I would have stuff flying out of cabinets!!

Here is to change! I have LOVED working with the same 4th grade team for two straight years. This picture shows that we "rocked" the FCAT in 2013-14 and made it through the first year 2014-15 with FSA testing. Our team works so well together and we truly are a school family. It has been a journey for me to join these incredible ladies. Now we have some transitions: we will have three new teachers join the 4th grade team, one of us is moving up to teach fifth, and our lovely team leader is leaving our school. Mixed emotions: happy for them but sad to see them go. I think change is going to be a good thing! I am hopeful and excited to see what next year has to offer. I feel like I am meant to be at my school with these students. The staff at SLE is different because we are like a community. I'm proud to be a part of this school. I'm ready for a break for now though!! ;)

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